Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beating the Fish Off With a Stick

     Last night I took my daughter Annie to my uncle's farm pond to go fishing. We were catching perch and talking, and just enjoying ourselves when we noticed a very large shadow in the water in front of us. It swam back and forth in front of us several times,  getting closer and closer. Annie was getting excited about catching a huge fish. She cast her line right in front of the shadow, and nothing happened. It swam right past. I changed her bait and she tried again. Again, nothing. The big fish just wasn't having any of it. Nothing in the tackle box caught its interest.
     Then the big fish noticed our stringer of fish. It came right up to the bank to investigate, and we could see that our mystery fish was a huge catfish. It grabbed onto our stringer and started to drag our fish away. The catfish was relentless. It just kept coming back. We had to stand on the stringer and poke the catfish whenever it came close to save our catch. Annie said "Let me jump in and get it Mom. I'll show that fish who is boss!" Despite having to beat the fish off with a stick, we had a good time and Annie caught a nice bass.

     She was fairly excited about her catch. It one one of our best fishing trips ever.

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