Monday, October 31, 2011

The babies are angry!

One of our family projects is raising bottle calves. My daughter loves it, we make a little money, everyone is happy. Usually. When new babies come in, they get two bottles a day, and they eat grain. As they get older we cut them back to one bottle, and then cut them off completely. This morning seven of the fifteen calves didn't get the morning bottle they are used to and we had a minor rebellion. Calves can throw hissy fits to rival any toddler. Bottle calves are seriously lacking in respect of personal space. They have no problem crowding around, stepping on toes, and ramming you in the rear  with their cute little fuzzy heads. As I was walking back to the barn with the empty bottles, I swear every other step I was violated by a calf. I hope they forgive me soon

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