Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Every day is a holiday

My child can turn any day into a holiday. Last night she walked into her room and saw me changing the sheets on her bed. She LOVES clean sheets! If it was up to her she would have fresh sheets every night. LOL When she saw what I was doing, she ran into the living room to her daddy. "Daddy do you know what today is? It's clean sheet day! Happy clean sheet day Daddy!" She is a funny little girl!


  1. That is cute. I get excited about clean sheets too. Nothing feels better.

  2. That's so precious! The funny thing is, that I had "clean sheet day" yesterday. It was long overdue, lol, but I too LOVE the feel of clean sheets! Love it!

    She is too cute! I love it!

  4. Hey Michelle!

    I came across your blog earlier and am very interested in speaking with you about living, as you put it, in the middle of nowhere. I work for a production company that is researching for an upcoming documentary series. Would you please email me back at offthegridtv@gmail.com so I can reach out to you?